2017 Awards

KMSO 2017 Awards

Special Awards

 Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York Awards Matthew Kang
Minuk Kim
New York City Mayor’s Awards Grace Lee
Simon Yoon
Queens College President’s Awards

Seong Hyeon Kim,  Yeram Jung,  James Kim

LG Electronics USA Awards
Andrew Song,  Jonathan Lee,  Arrum Shin

 Science Group Entry

Excellence: Justin Koo, Grace Kim, Jayden An, James Kim, Eric Lee

 Science Group General

1st Place  Jennifer Kim
2nd Place  Aiden Rhee,  Sophia Song
3rd Place Ethan Choi,  Aiden Ko,  Jeongjoon Kim
Commendation Ji-Won Ahn,  Helen Hwang,  Kai Kim,  Gloria Min

Science Group Physics

1st Place  Sungmin Kim
2nd Place Emily Kim,  Joseph Jeon
3rd Place Jason Hwang,  John Kim,  Brian Song
Commendation Ethan Jeon,  Ryan Hwang,  Ian Kim,  Ryan Kim

 Science Group Chemistry

1st Place Jonathan Lee,  Steven Lee
2nd Place Gina Lee
3rd Place Jooeun Lee,  Arrum Shin,  Erick Lee
Commendation John Kim,  Elvin Ko,  Rebecca An,  James Kim

 Science Group Written

1st Place Andrew Song,  Joseph Kim
2nd Place Minuk Kim,  James Kim
3rd Place Jung Heo
Commendation Olivia Soyoung Lee,  Simon Yoon, Seong Hyeon Kim,
William Lee, Joshua Kim

 Science Poster Competition

1st Place Grace Lee
3rd Place Matthew Kang

Math Grade 4

1st Place Woori Lee,  Chelsea Park,  Daniel Han
Commendation Minjae Youn,  Aiden Ko

 Math Grade 5

1st Place Joonmin Lee
2nd Place Jooney Han
3rd Place Daniel Han
Commendation Kai Kim,  Jimin Lee

 Math Grade 6

1st Place Jaeho Lee,  Aegus Kim
3rd Place Jaejoon Hwang
Commendation Dayoung Yoon

 Math Grade 7

1st Place Joseph Jeon
2nd Place Andrew Hur
3rd Place Hyunjin Lee,  Mark Park,  Suyeon Louise Kim

 Math Grade 8

1st Place Joseph Kim
2nd Place Arrum Shin
3rd Place Jooeun Lee
Commendation John Kim,  Erik Lee

 Math Grade 9

1st Place Kyle Chang,  Jason Kang
3rd Place Jonathan Lee,  Catherine Kim
Commendation Steven Lee

 Math Grade 10

1st Place Minuk Kim
2nd Place Eunsoo Kim
3rd Place Soyong Park
Commendation William Lee,  Sounghyun Yang

 Math Grade 11

1st Place Simon Yoon
2nd Place Seong Hyeon Kim
3rd Place Yeram Jung
Commendation Yeonho Jang,  Hoonbae Park

Congratulation all Winners









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