Score Check

Score Check for KMSO 2017

check your record of 2017 KMSO
you have to know your KMSO id (ex: NY**-0**) and students DOB (ex:12/31/1999)  

Check now >>>> GO score check 2017 KMSO

Score Check is NOW available for KMSO 2017

Please add “NY” or “QC” to your ID for on-line registration (eg. NY01-001)

If you forget your ID, please contact to Thank you !!

We will send the detail reports soon for each student by email.

If you will receive an award, you can see the type of award in the table. And, we will send an invitation letter to you shortly.

Award Ceremony will be hold on Dec. 9th, 2017 (Sat) at Queens College (Benjamin Rosenthal Library Auditorium). We are planning at 2 pm.



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