Closed 2019 KMSO Award RSVP

RSVP KMSO Award Ceremony (2019)
if you check "No/only certificate"
Type your correct address for mailing certificate

1. Checks will NOT be issued again if they are lost or expired. (분실이나 유효기간이 지난 scholarship check은 재발행 되지 않습니다.)
2. If you are not able to attend the Award Ceremony, we can mail ONLY your certificate to you. Your scholarship or gift card will be donated to our chapter for next KMSO 2020.
(시상식에 불참하시면 상장만 위에 적어주신 주소로 보내드립니다. 장학금 또는 상품권은 내년 KMSO로 도네이션됩니다.)
3. NO substitutes for awardees are allowed in the Award Ceremony.
(대리 수상은 불가합니다.)

If you have any question, please email us at
(궁금하신 점이 있으시면 로 문의주세요.)
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