KMSO 2015 Awards

Special Awards

LG Electronics USA Awards Haneul(Hannah) Shin,  Angie Jang, Woosuk Lee
New York City Mayor’s Awards Philip Jang, Alexander Chi
Queens College President’s Awards Hwankyu Song, Thuy Tien Phan, Christina Chong
 Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York Awards
Youjung Lee, Jay-Young Cho, Seonwoo Kim

Math Grade 4

1st Place Hongwoo Choi
2nd Place Janghee Lee, Chris Oh
Commendation Anthony Hur, Michelle Lee, Jia Chen

Math Grade 5

1st Place Nicholas Lee
2nd Place Brian Kang
3rd Place Sungmin Kim
Commendation SangHoon Jung, Nathaniel Kim

Math Grade 6

1st Place Sungmook Lim
2nd Place Arrum(Autumn)  Shin, Elvin Ko
Commendation Joseph Kim, Grace Yu

Math Grade 7

1st Place JongWon Jung
2nd Place DongHyuk(Daniel) Shin
3rd Place Jonathan Lee
Commendation Ray Noh, Rachel Joh

Math Grade 8

1st Place Sebastian Jeon
2nd Place Soyong Park
3rd Place Joanne Lee
Commendation Kuk Hyun Chi, Jason Oh

Math Grade 9

1st Place Haneul(Hannah) Shin
2nd Place Angie Jang
3rd Place Jicheol Ha
Commendation Henry Son, Woosuk Lee

Math Grade 10

1st Place Youjung Lee
2nd Place Jay-Young Cho
3rd Place Seonwoo Kim
Commendation Yedoh Kang, Tianchen Xia

Math Grade 11

1st Place Hwankyu Song
2nd Place Alexander Chi
3rd Place Daniel An
Commendation Justin Chang, Philip Jang

Science Group Entry

Commendation Ji-Won Ahn, Daniel Song, Clare Kim

Science Group A

1st Place Brian Song
2nd Place Elliott Lee, Colin Choi
3rd Place Mitchell Agris, Andrew Song, Kebin Lee
Commendation Chris Oh, Sungmin Kim, Reena Choi, Joshua Chong

Science Group B

1st Place Catherine Kim
2nd Place Claire Yu, Paul Park
3rd Place Yisang Moon, Jonathan Lee, Rachel Chung
Commendation Maxwell Yoo, Hannah Pak, Jade Jang, Sarang Han

Science Group C

1st Place Haneul(Hannah) Shin
2nd Place Joo Un Lee, Angie Jang
3rd Place Sophia Jang, Steve Yeongkwon Lee, Woosuk Lee
Commendation Justin Hu, Kuk Hyun Chi, Jason Oh, Aimee Oh

Science Group D

1st Place Thuy Tien Phan
2nd Place Christine Om, Philip Jang
3rd Place Sunghun (Sam) Lee, Issac Kim, Alexander Chi
Commendation Youjung Lee, Jay-Young Cho, Seonwoo Kim, Arina Kazakova

Science Group E

1st Place Christina Chong
2nd Place Bongseok Jung & Joshua He
3rd Place Sunwoo Lee, Sunghoon Yoon, Shane Oh


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