KMSO 2018 Awards

Special Awards

Awards on Dec. 8th 2018 (Sat). 2:oo pm at St. Albert’s Hall Auditorium, St. John’s University

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York Awards Catherine Kim
Kyungbong Ko
New York City Mayor’s Awards Soyong Park
Yechan Kim
St. John′s University President’s Awards Joseph Kim
Steven Lee
Joo Un Lee
LG Electronics USA Awards
Daniel Han
Athena Choi
Jonathan Lee

Science Olympiad Awards

Science Group: Entry (2 ~3 grade)

Excellence:   Ester Park, Brandon Lim, Eddie Goodstein,  Aaron Son , Sol Chung

 Science Group: General (4 ~ 5 grade)

1st Place Joseph Park
2nd Place James Kim,  Madison Cho
3rd Place Ethan Cho, Gongmyeong Lee,  Chanmin Kwon
Commendation Jayden Chun, Grace Kim, Jaywon Chae, Sangmi Park

Science Group: Physics (6~7 grade)

1st Place Daniel Han
2nd Place Annabelle Na, Janghee Lee
3rd Place Jennifer Lee, Sophia Song, Lonnie Moon
Commendation Ethan Jeon , Jaeyi Song, Andrew Chun, Ryan Kim

 Science Group: Chemistry ( 8 ~ 9 grade)

1st Place Joseph Kim,  Athena Choi
2nd Place Ryder Min
3rd Place Emily Kim, Lauren Lee , Arrum Shin
Commendation David Yang, Michael Jang, Eojin Kim , Andrew Hur

 Science Group: Written (10 ~11 grade)

1st Place Soyong Park ,  Steven Lee
2nd Place Andrew Song
3rd Place Kyungbong Ko, Sounghyun Yang, Christie Choi
Commendation William Lee , Joshua Kim , Jonathan Lee, Rebecca An

 Science Poster Competition ( 10 ~ 12 grade)

1st Place Yechan Kim
2rd Place Joo Un Lee
Commendation Heeyun Kim,  Catherine Kim

Math Olympiad Awards

Math Grade 4

1st Place Jaehyun Hwang
2nd Place Kasey Lee, Benjamin Chung, Brandon Koo
Commendation Joseph Park ,  Ian Choi

 Math Grade 5

1st Place Chelsea Park
2nd Place Seojin Kim
3rd Place Minjae Youn
Commendation Daniel Han , Ethan Cho

 Math Grade 6

1st Place Daniel Han
2nd Place Sarah Kim
3rd Place Jessica An
Commendation Abigail Lee,  Jimin Lee

 Math Grade 7

1st Place John Park
2nd Place  Aegus Kim,  Dayoung Yoon,  Jaejoon Hwang
Commendation Justin Pyun

 Math Grade 8

1st Place Joseph Jeon
2nd Place Jason Jang,  Hyunjin Lee
Commendation Katie Koo,  Seohyun Ko

 Math Grade 9

1st Place Joseph Kim
2nd Place Yul Kim
3rd Place David Yang
Commendation Thomas Yoo,  Arrum Shin

 Math Grade 10

1st Place Steven Lee
2nd Place Kyungbong Ko,  Jonathan Lee
Commendation Lucas Dong Won Yi,  Catherine Kim

 Math Grade 11

1st Place Soyong Park
Commendation Andrew Song,  William Lee

KMSO 2018

Congratulation all Winners

St. Albert’s Hall Auditorium, St. John’s University 2018