KMSO 2016 Awards

Special Awards

 Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York Awards

Minsu Lee, Eugene Om

2016 Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

New York City Mayor’s Awards

YoujungLee, Jay-youngcho


Queens College President’s Awards

Justin Kim, Seonwoo kim, Woosuk Lee


LG Electronics USA Awards

Seong hyeon Kim, Dylan Rhee, Jin Won Kim


Math Grade 4

1st Place Janice Lee, Joonmin Lee, brian Song
Commendation Jin Chang, Yonjae Kim

Math Grade 5

1st Place Chris Oh, Jaejoon Hwang
3rd Place Michael Kim, Anthony Hur
Commendation Janghee Lee

Math Grade 6

1st Place Yuji Choi
2nd Place Irene Huh, Andrew Hur, Mark Park
Commendation Suyeon Louise Kim

Math Grade 7

1st Place  Arrum Autumn Shin
2nd Place  Hayden Lim
3rd Place  Yul (Julia) Kim
Commendation  Elvin Ko, Joseph Kim
 2016math 7

Math Grade 8

1st Place  JongWon Jung,  Jin Won Kim
3rd Place  Catherine Kim
Commendation Taegyu Ha, Jason Kang

Math Grade 9

1st Place  Junghyun Park
2nd Place  Soyong Park
3rd Place  Jason Oh
Commendation  Dylan Rhee, Yousun Lee

Math Grade 10

1st Place  Woosuk Lee
2nd Place  Jicheol Ha, Seong Hyeon Kim
Commendation  Yeongkwon Lee, Abraham Cho

Math Grade 11

1st Place  Jay-young Cho, Minsu Lee
3rd Place   Youjung Lee
Commendation  Shawn Kang, Seonwoo Kim

Science Group Entry

Excellence: Eugene Lee, Joel Lee,  Tyler Kim, Aiden Ko, Kyle Kim

Science Group General

1st Place  Keilah Om
2nd Place  Andrew Song, Hongju Cho
3rd Place  William Park, Joonmin Lee, Aiden Rhee
Commendation Heewon Moon, Daniel Lee, Ryan Hwang, Lonnie Moon

Science Group Physics

1st Place  Eugene Jang
2nd Place  James Kang, Andrew Hur
3rd Place  Elvin Ko, Matthew Kim, Emily Kim
Commendation  Jonathan Kim, Arrum Autumn Shin, Chaerin Kim, John Lee

Science Group Chemistry

1st Place Dylan Rhee
2nd Place  Yousun Lee, Daniel Kim
3rd Place  Joanne Lee, Jin Won Kim, Rebecca An
Commendation  Jason Oh, Justin Hu, JongWon Jung, Catherine Kim

Science Group Written

1st Place Youjung Lee, Seonwoo Kim, Eugene Om
3rd Place   Jay-young Cho,  Woosuk Lee
Commendation  Joosung(Joshua) Kim, Hyoungseob Kim, Brian Hu, Seong hyeon Kim

Science Group Poster Competition

1st Place Justin Kim
2nd Place  Bongseok Jung
3rd Place  Jason Jung

Congratulation all Winners
2016 KMSO_All winer








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