Anyone Python with Karel


Anyone Python with Karel

For Participants of  “Anyone Python with Karel”  as a special science coding
as a special science coding competition of KMSO 2020
When: 9:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM, November 21 (Saturday)
Where: using Zoom

Thank you so much for your interest in “Anyone Python with Karel” as a special science
coding competition. Anyone Python with Karel is “Basic Python” class using Karel the
Robot born in Stanford University. In this competition, you will code a program for the
solution of a given problem using Python programming language with a Karel.



1. Grade: 6th ~ 12th grade

2. Beginner through Advanced level of Python Programming

a. Beginner can join Friendly League (non-competition), or
b. Intermediate or Advanced can join Major League (competition).

3. For Major League competition, at least one preferred Python IDE, e.g., IDLE,
PyCharm, Jupytor, vi/nano editor

4. Preferred Requirements (only Major League competition):

  ● Understanding algorithms
  ● Experience on programming project with object-oriented programming
  ● Time management


A student will write a program to control Karel a Robot using Python programming
The problem will be announced during the event date. Before the competition,
students can take a open class (9:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM, November 21) to know about basic
Python with Karel a Robot called Anyone Python.


Students need:

1. Laptop or PC: either Windows 10 or MacOS
2. Install Python
3 at
3. Install IDE that you want to use, e.g., PyCharm, Jupytor, or any other IDEs

  ○ Install PyCharm at


You must sign-in “Python Coding with Karel” 9:00 AM to attend

an open class for Anyone Python. Please,  join Zoom meeting 8:50 AM on the event date.

 8:50 AM ~ 9:00 AM: Student join Zoom meeting for Anyone Python class

 9:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM: Anyone Python

 11:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM: Lunch Break

 12:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM: Competition

● Friendly League

 ○ Join Zoom meeting for Friendly League

 ○ Announcement for the problems

 ○ Participants can work with friends or parents

 ○ Demo and Discussion

● Major League

 ○ Join Zoom meeting for Major League

 ○ Announcement for the problems

 ○ Solving the problems individually

 ○ Competition

 ○ Submission


Each submission will be graded the following grading policy. The detailed rubrics will
be prepared for the competition.
  ● Solving Problems (70%)
  ● Code Evaluation (30%)



KMSO award is only available for Major League competition.


Download Requirement
You must read and prepare before the event day

  1. PyCharm Installation  >>> click here to download <<<
  2. Python Installation      >>> click here to download <<<

*** We Do not allow the event day downloading or/and prepare on the event day.